Dragon® Ambient eXperience (DAX) Copilot

Improving clinician well‑being
and patient experience.

Dragon® Ambient eXperience (DAX™) Copilot, an AI solution for automated clinical documentation, enhances the efficiency of physicians. This technology not only streamlines clinical operations but also boosts satisfaction among physicians and patients, leading to better financial results. Leveraging the robust capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, DAX Copilot integrates Nuance's established conversational and ambient AI with advanced generative AI models.

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See DAX™ Copilot In Action

7 min
saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%
reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue
additional appointments
added per clinic day
Used in conjunction with Dragon Medical One which integrates with over 200 EHRs

The Many Benefits of DAX Copilot

Captures a multi‑party conversation ambiently

Clinicians can converse naturally with patients and their family members while the mobile app securely records these interactions at the point of care. This approach enables clinicians to focus on patient engagement rather than being occupied with screens.

Creates clinical documentation automatically

DAX Copilot transforms conversations from encounters into detailed, specialty-specific clinical documentation summaries. These summaries are swiftly delivered to both the application and the Dragon Medical One desktop, where they are available for clinicians to review and edit within seconds.

Produces high‑quality documentation

This solution employs cutting-edge AI technologies and is trained on more than 10 million encounters, ensuring the production of accurate and consistent documentation efficiently.

Works seamlessly with electronic health records

Used in conjunction with Dragon Medical One which integrates with over 200 EHRs, streamlining implementation.

Customizable templates

Clinicians have the ability to tailor and personalize note templates using Dragon Medical One, alongside features in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This customization ensures consistency and facilitates a streamlined workflow that can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

Scales across healthcare organizations

This tool is suitable for both telehealth and office settings across ambulatory specialties, urgent care, and primary care. Its implementation can enhance efficiency and scalability within your healthcare organization.

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